Charities & Fundraising

Expert support to help you communicate and fundraise with success.

Charities & Fundraising

In today’s philanthropic marketplace, fund development teams need a variety of tools and support to meet their revenue objectives. Our team supports fundraising professionals at many charities, NGOs, and institutions – including a number of leading Canadian charities.

Our clients count on us to manufacture and fulfill fundraising products, to clean and update their databases and lists, and to help them execute successful campaigns, events, and donor stewardship.

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Support for Fundraising & Communications

Our work for NGOs and charities includes:

Data Quality & List Processing

We are experts in cleaning, updating, and processing donor databases and mailing lists. For campaigns, we provide full list processing support, including advanced processing for segmented and personalized letters and ask arrays. We also provide A/B test support and post-campaign response analysis, to help you improve targeting and tactics with each campaign.

Direct Mail Appeals and Stewardship

With commercial printing and direct mail teams under the same roof, we’re an expert partner for direct mail campaigns – with extensive expertise in handling personalized content. We produce every form of fundraising direct mail – appeal letter packages, thank you letters and cards, new donor welcome kits, donor newsletters and reports, event invitations, and tax receipts.

Print Collateral

As a commercial printer with extensive in-house digital and offset printing and binding capabilities, we can produce high-quality, affordable print collateral in quantities from small to large. The materials we’ve produced for charities and fundraisers have included brochures, gift catalogues, donor recognition certificates, and printed fundraising premiums including custom calendars, labels, and greeting cards.

Event Graphics & Materials

For events from outdoor runs to gala dinners to third party events, we provide large format graphics from banners and posters to displays, and participant materials including name tags, certificates, and promotional products. Save time and costs by entrusting your event materials to a single experienced partner.

Fundraising Products & Retail Solutions

We manufacture, warehouse, and fulfill millions of fundraising lapel pins every year for two of the most recognizable charities in Canada – and provide point of sale materials including custom donation boxes and trays, and print collateral. Our unique combination of manufacturing, printing, warehousing, and logistics capabilities makes us an ideal partner for national campaigns.

Donor Recognition

We’ve produced and installed beautiful donor recognition displays in institutions and charity offices. And we print, mount, and frame appreciation certificates for corporate and individual donors. With our data and direct mail capabilities, we can even manage automated donor recognition programs, mailing personalized communications and gifts to donors when their giving passes pre-defined milestones.

What Our Clients Have to Say

  • “For our Poppy Campaign you manufacture the Poppies using state of the art thermo-forming. Additionally 45-50,000 Remembrance Poppy Wreaths are made by your firm annually. Once made, you manage this inventory and fulfill the many thousands of orders efficiently, in a very narrow window of opportunity. All of this work is in addition to the print marketing and tray thermo-forming you provide in producing the promotional materials required to support our Poppy Campaign. Your performance this year, while distributing a record number of Poppies and wreaths, has maintained the high level of service we strive for. It will allow us again to generate the funds we require to provide critical support for Veterans in need. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.”

    Peter Underhill Director of Supply, Royal Canadian Legion

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We’re an experienced partner for fundraising and development teams – and passionate about helping you move the needle.

Join the NGOs and fundraisers who entrust their products, communications, and campaigns to our teams in Montreal and Quebec City. We’ll listen to your needs, get to know your products and programs inside out – and help you deliver results.

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