Prospects will judge your trade show presence by its cover


TRICO Evolution’s integrated services help build strong and consistent brands.

You have a supply chain and inventory to manage. Product to package and get out the door. Staff who must be equipped to make the right impression at that big meeting or trade show. New prospects to reach through direct mail.

A big-box office supply store or online print-on-demand service could meet some of these needs. But that leaves your team having to research and source other services from other suppliers. That wastes time and money.

What you need is a partner with a team of experts who will sit down to discuss options and cost with you, face to face. A partner that can address core activities that support your organization in a manner that is coordinated and cost effective. This saves you from the expense and headache of having to source a patchwork of services from different suppliers.

1) Posters versus foam boards and banners

This really comes down to your budget and the physical details of your exhibit space. Posters are typically the most economical option, but they have limitations – you need a solid surface on which to adhere them that doesn’t distract with some busy paint scheme.

Foam boards are more versatile – rigid and lightweight and easily mobile. With an easel, they can be easily positioned and repositioned for maximum impact.

When it comes to shear eye-catching size, banners rule. Options range from large fabric backdrops that slip sock-like, over a modular frame, to vinyl table skirts and wall-hangings, or vertical pop-up banners that offer ultimate ease of transport and mobility. These kinds of options are more costly than posters or foam boards but can pay for themselves in spades.

2) Don’t just display it – wear it, too

Nothing looks sharper than a team turned out in the company colours with matching shirts, hats or jackets emblazoned with the company logo.

With branded clothing it’s important to consider the quality of the garment – this also im-pacts the first impression of your brand. Quality branded clothing can also be a desirable prize in business card draws, or an incentive for a prospect to sign up on the spot for a demo or trial.

3) Print materials can tell a compelling story

Sure, you captured some attention, but what have you left that prospect with to ensure your brand remains top of mind?

Despite the fact that we live in a digital age, that old standby, the business card, remains an important lead-generation and relationship-building item. They help people remember you.

Then make sure they remember why. Leaflets, brochures and postcards are great for providing a snapshot of products and services, to highlight special offers or limited time discounts, showcase customer use cases and success stories, or to quote relevant industry research/statistics.

4) While giveaways leave a lasting impression

In addition to that branded apparel for your team, don’t forget the swag that keeps your brand top of mind and gives prospects something practical they can use.

These can be broken into two categories: A) The free giveaways that anyone can take. B) The more premium items that can be used as prizes and incentives.

Options these days are almost endless, from pens to ear buds, flash drives to travel mugs and even high-value gift sets. It really depends on your budget and what makes sense.

5) Always think quality

With any of this collateral, it’s important to consider quality.

For print materials, invest in professional copy writing, a clean and uncluttered design, quality paper stock and quality printing. Print materials that come across as sloppy, cheap or poorly produced erode your credibility.

Keep that focus on quality with any other branded item that will bear your logo – whether it’s apparel or a giveaway – and opt for colour and pattern choices that will not clash with your corporate colours or obscure your logo.

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