The heart of TRICO Evolution – its CSR team


Businesses and consumers alike have no shortage of options available when it comes to commercial printing, direct mail, contract packaging, and warehousing and logistics. It’s no fluke that TRICO Evolution, as a local Ottawa-Montreal company, has prospered and continued to grow in such a competitive and fractured market by offering these as integrated services.

The key to its continued success is great customer service.

It may sound trite. Most any company, after all, boasts of great customer service. But TRICO Evolution’s results speak for themselves. Or, more appropriately, the calibre of its CSR team does.

These three dedicated individuals have 100 years of combined print, packaging and customer service experience. They do what it takes to ensure TRICO’s “clients look great for their bosses.”

This is the pleasant and positive team you can rely on to:

  • Track your inventory so you don’t have to
  • Monitor every out-of-town shipment to confirm safe arrival with the end user
  • Keep in touch on your annual events, to ensure there is sufficient time for planning and production of your print and display materials
  • Recommend the options that work best for your specific needs and budget
  • And just generally go above and beyond to make certain you are satisfied

Every TRICO Evolution client can trust that they will receive the same knowledgeable and dedicated service.

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