TRICO Evolution: A great team to work with … and to work for


New GM drives industry-leading growth by putting the team and the customer first

A business can’t endure for 35 years and counting and be leading its industry for year-over-year growth, unless it has been willing to change and evolve with the times.

This is particularly true in an industry where an emphasis on quality and personalized service is crucial to stand out from the crowd.

The team at TRICO Evolution has taken this to heart. Under new General Manager Michael Hothi, this Ottawa-based integrated services company has remade itself over the past year. This means that the TRICO Evolution of today may not be the TRICO Evolution that you remember.

There is renewed emphasis on serving the needs of customers with quality products delivered at the right time and for the right price, with expert advice and end-to-end support. People are valued as the company’s most precious resource, as management works to create an inviting work environment that will attract and retain dedicated professionals who believe in putting the customer first.

When it comes to raising the bar on customer service and boosting TRICO Evolution’s appeal as a place to work, Hothi finds it easy to put himself in the shoes of both the prospective customer and employee.
That’s because Hothi himself only joined TRICO Evolution one year ago. A resident of Toronto, he worked for more than a decade in the commercial packaging and printing industry, where he helped family-owned businesses in Southern Ontario make successful transitions to the next generation. Earlier this summer, he committed to TRICO Evolution all the way, by selling his house in Toronto and relocating his family to the company’s home base of Ottawa.

“Moving to Ottawa just made sense, to continue pushing forward with the changes we had begun at TRICO,” he said. “It demonstrates my belief in this company, this team and what we are working together to achieve for our customers.”

What have they achieved? For one, TRICO Evolution has logged growth in the past year that is two to three times the industry average, at a time when many print houses are closing their doors.

This has come thanks to a business development strategy that focuses on building reciprocal partnerships in the business community, pursuing new contract opportunities out-side of TRICO Evolution’s traditional comfort zone, and putting that emphasis on service and quality.

“But most of all, TRICO is an employer that has come to realize how much it must value its people,” Hothi said. “They are the ones who make this business work, and ensure our customers are well-served.”

Let’s team up

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Who is TRICO Evolution?

From its roots in commercial printing 35 years ago, TRICO Evolution has evolved into a modern, integrated services company, with strong capabilities that span commercial printing, direct mail, contract packaging, and warehousing and logistics. More than 150 full-time team members work from facilities in Ottawa and Montreal to serve public, private and not-for-profit organizations. TRICO Evolution’s experts serve all corners of the market, from the startup entrepreneur to the mature corporation, not-for-profit or government department.

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