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Expert Direct Mail Services

A Canada Post SmartMail Marketing® Partner with mailing services teams in Montreal, we’re the direct mail production partner of choice of many leading charities, associations, and businesses.

Not all direct mail providers are made equal. Here’s why we’re different:


Integrated Print and Mail

We combine printing, data, and mailing services into a single, expert service.


Quality Control

Our end-of-process controls for every mailing deliver industry-leading accuracy.


Modern & Professional

We’re detail-oriented and proactive. You’ll feel in control – as you should.


Centered on Your Results

You’ll know us on a first name basis, and we’ll listen to your needs and goals.

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Expert Direct Mail Services

With full-service commercial printing and direct mail teams under the same roof, we are an expert data services and production provider for direct mail campaigns. We produce every form of direct mail – from unaddressed postcards and flyers to personalized mailers and letter packages, and from magazines to parcels. And our data quality and processing specialists will help you optimize your list quality, campaign targeting – and campaign results.


List Quality & Enrichment

We provide a full complement of data quality services – including list cleaning and de-duplication, address accuracy verification, National Change of Address (NCOA), and national Do Not Contact (DNC) lists. We can also enrich lists by appending a variety of data: household income, gender, ethnicity, home phone numbers, and more.


List Processing

We’re experts in cleaning, manipulating, and processing contact and mailing lists – from standard single list processing to advanced processing for personalized direct mail and multi-channel campaigns. We also provide A/B test support and post-campaign analytics – to help you analyse response and improve your targeting and tactics.


Offset Printing

For higher-volume campaigns, our full commercial printing capabilities will lower your unit costs. We’ll produce your base designs on our offset equipment, then add the personalized elements on our digital equipment – from a simple address to personalized letters. And we’ll help optimize your design so everything comes together perfectly.


Personalized Imaging

When your mailpiece or package includes personalized content, digital imaging is the answer. Black-only printing of personalized text and images onto offset printed base materials enables personalization at modest unit costs. And for smaller mailings, and mailings with full-colour personalization, our full-colour digital equipment prints everything in a single pass.


Inkjet Imaging

From postcards to envelopes to magazines, our inkjet equipment applies your addresses and codes onto each mailpiece. To help increase open rates, we can inkjet images and personalized messages onto envelopes in a variety of colours. And we apply tabs/waferseals to mailers when required by you or Canada Post.


Inserting & Polybagging

For direct mail packages using carrier envelopes, our state of the art inserting equipment inserts up to 6 inserts into envelopes up to 10” x 13” in size – with camera-controlled matching for packages with up to 5 personalized components. And for catalogs and periodicals, we also offer polybagging – with multiple inserts when needed.

Solutions to Move the Needle

Increase response and revenue with higher data quality and superior tactics.


Data Quality

We’re passionate about data quality and mailing accuracy – the foundation of successful direct mail. We take every opportunity to clean, update, and enrich our clients’ databases. And for each mailing, we use stringent internal quality controls – including end-of-process control before we deliver each mailing to Canada Post.


Tools to Increase Response

Looking to drive up response rates? We provide a full set of creative options – from unique formats and printing treatments to variable text, images, and offers customized to specific segments and/or individuals in your list. And we provide A/B and multi-variate test support and post-campaign analytics, to help you improve your targeting and tactics with each campaign.

Consider Working With Us

If you’re looking for a superior data and production partner for your direct mail campaigns, we’re confident we can exceed your expectations.

Join the hundreds of companies and not-for-profits who entrust their list processing and campaign production to our teams in Montreal and Quebec City. We’ll listen to your needs, get to know your products and programs inside out – and help you deliver results.

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